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    Tim's Garden Centre is a local business which runs in the heart of Campbelltown. Tim’s Garden Centre has 5 qualified horticulturists and most have over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. They know how to fix sick plants and they will give you advice on the safest products to use so you don’t poison your family. Tim’s staff are (CNP’s) Certified Nursery Professionals so the staff are kept up to date with the safest products that control pests but are earth friendly.

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  • Spring colour arrives! - Aug 16, 2019

    Growing plants in pots is easy! Dear gardening friends Spring colour started to arrive this week.African Daisy’s have burst into bloom.I love this yellow flowering variety called “Blue Eyed Beauty”. Camden Council planted these hardy plants in a roundabout on Macarthur Rd Elderslie last year and they looked amazing.This variety stays nice and compa...

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  • I dug a big hole, I’ve done everything right! - Aug 9, 2019

    Grow a tree from a seed!!!!!!! Dear gardening friends Our staff have all fallen in love with these new Eden Planter Pots.You just sit your indoor plants in them.It’s so easy.Smaller pot $7.99.Bigger pot $10.99.Do you like them? Hayden has bought some amazing new pots from a supplier in Victoria.You won’t have seen pots like this b...

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  • Time the buy Cow Manure? - Aug 2, 2019

    Spring is on the way!!!!!! Dear gardening friends The weather has been magnificent this week and we’ve noticed our regulars are coming back. Some are asking for tomatoes and basil but we are still telling them to wait at least a couple more weeks before planting. We only have to get one frost and your newly planted summer vegetables will drop dead. Spend your time I...

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  • Kids love getting their hands dirty! - Jul 26, 2019

    Who’s the new Masterchef judge? How good is this?????We had some preschoolers from Minto come and visit us yesterday.They were a multicultural mix of kids, who were all beautifully dressed. They held hands in couples as we explored the nursery. We discovered that Lemons come from Lemon Trees not Woolies. We picked a leaf and discovered that the foliage had a lov...

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  • Can the “Money Plant" make you rich? - Jul 19, 2019

    Free cuttings this weekend! Dear gardening friends.Crassula ovata is commonly known as The Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money Plant and Money Tree.The Chinese believe this plant brings them good luck and wealth.They grow them in pots outside their front, and back doors, to stop the wealth from escaping.In some parts of the world they also grow them inside the ho...

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Tim's Garden Centre ever-popular pig uses his milkcrate at the front of Tim's Garden Center to have his say on current events.

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